Non-Profit Center

We’ve been fortunate with our business success and have become a vital part of the success of many bay area non profit organizations by assisting them in reaching their full market potential through printed media with “Save the Date” cards, Newsletters and Fund Raising packages.  As part of that success, it’s been our pleasure to discount or donate to bay area non profits.  If your organization is a non profit (501)(3)(c) we will gladly offer an additional 10% off our already low prices.  We also urge you to join discount alert for specials and free giveaways.  You do not have to be an Action Litho customer for the giveaways.  If  your organization is already assisting others, that’s good enough for us.  However, give us a chance to partner with your organization.  We’ll go that extra mile to further your business success.

Thank you,

The Action Litho Team